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    I cannot thank Mr Somashekar enough for giving me my life back after a total hip replacement. At the age of 49 it was a complete shock to be diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in my left hip. Mr Somashekar with great kindness and compassion explained that it was probably due to my family history and a total hip replacement was the only viable option. He advised me on the most suitable implants for my age and anaesthetic options.
    He gave me time to think about it but the pain and my mobility got worse affecting my everyday life. I was no longer able to take care of my horse, never mind ride him and walk my dog. My daughter is also in her GCSE year and I did not want to put my family under any more stress.
    I had the operation in October 2020 and although major surgery is never easy I was surprised how quickly I recovered. The care I received from Mr Somashekar and all the staff at Bishopswood was second to none.
    I can now look forward to my normal active lifestyle pain free, even get back in the saddle soon and take part in dressage competitions again.
    Thank you