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I can’t Thank Dr Naresh Somashekar enough for giving me , back a pain free life....It’s been a long time coming with the COVID-19 situation but it was so worthwhile going through the pain & not being able to sleep on my right side....My scar has heeled up nicely now . My full hip replacement was on 1/09/20 & now after 7 weeks....l’m walking with one crutch & No Pain.

I had a Total Knee Replacement at Mount Vernon Hospital in January 2020. Despite the surgery being cancelled twice I was incredibly impressed by the professional care I received from all the staff involved in my care. It's a shame that the facilities let the side down. The bathrooms are badly planned with the toilet roll dispenser above and behind you. You have to remember to get the tissue before sitting down! From the moment it is safe to mobilise you are encouraged to go to the bathroom independently, washing is not easy as there is a lack of space and getting close to the sink whilst balancing on one leg is tricky. The staff help and support you but if the bathrooms were better designed patients could have a bit more privacy and dignity.

There is a joined up approach to your care and every member of staff gives you the same information. I witnessed the physio team spending time and patience with the patients who required it ensuring that there was the correct support and equipment in place at home.

In the days where resources are limited and staffing is a daily challenge in all areas I was very appreciative on the treatment and care I received. I cannot thank the teams enough.

Mrs MARY Green of Marlow Bucks had a half knee operation with Mr Somashekar on the 17th September.

From our first meeting on the 14/9 I found Mr S charming kind and efficient. He gave me full confidence in going ahead with the operation which I did.

At all times from when I entered the hospital on the 17th the whole team were efficient and made me feel relaxed. Mr S carried out the operation and saw me afterwards and had x rays taken. The following six weeks were monitored by Senita the physiotherapist and today 29/10 I have been signed off by Mr Somashekar.

I would thoroughly recommend Mr S to my friends and family to conduct an operation. The hospital was efficient and comfortable

I wish Mr Somashekar all the very best for the future and wish to thank him for his kind manner

~ MARY V Green (Mrs)

I found Mr Somashekar to be very personable and easy to communicate with. I had surgery on my right knee to remove torn cartilage. The outcome of the operation was exceptional with me being able to walk and place weight on the affected knee the same day as surgery. The surgery has almost been completely without pain and has resolved my pain and symptoms and given me full range of movement again I would highly recommend this surgeon

I went to see Mr Naresh Somashekar after suffering a knee injury playing football. I have been playing football for most of my life and was devastated when I suffered my injury as I could not play until I had some sort of surgery on my knee. I was welcomed by a lovely smile and calming voice at my consultation which instantly eased my anxiety. I told Mr Naresh Somashekar where I was having my pain as it was quite centralised on the outer part of my right knee. After prodding (don't know the medical term) with my knee Mr Naresh Somashekar advised that I may have some lateral meniscus tear. (My worst nightmare came true). I was disappointed as I had some big summer football tournaments coming up and was desperate to get back playing and fit for the first one which starts on 26th May 2018. Mr Naresh Somashekar was very understanding and empathetic as he could see how much this meant to me. It was evident that he held my personal goals of getting back playing football very seriously. He went out of his way to try to book an OP date as soon as possible. I was very lucky that when he checked for me there had been a cancellation! so I was pretty much booked in within weeks of seeing Mr Naresh Somashekar. I was operated on 17th March 2018 at Mount Vernon Hospital. I was referred into physiotherapy at Hillingdon Hospital within a week or so, I completed 5 weeks of a knee class with a personal recovery plan (Lisa brilliant Physio, highly recommend). I am writing this on 18/05/18, I am already back playing football at an intense level and I will achieve my goal of competing in my first summer football tournament on 26th May 2018. I highly recommend Mr Naresh Somashekar to anyone who has a sports or football injury. This guy knows exactly what he is talking about and makes sure that you also understand. Very intelligent and empathetic doctor. Cannot speak highly of this Doctor. The only negative side is that is supports Arsenal lol


A very supportive consultant who is passionate and goal oriented in presenting the best available treatment and care to his patients in his field of specialty.

I recently underwent a half knee replacement under Mr Somashekar at Mount Vernon Hospital. It took 2 years 6 months since reporting my very painful knee to my GP before receiving surgery. Apart from a wee hiccup with my lack of pain relief the evening after my operation which was due to a breakdown in communication between the anaesthetist and the ward staff I was immensely impressed with the whole/complete experience in a successful operation. I feel the post op Physiotherapy is greatly targeted at the very elderly/infirm and not productive or helpful with suitable rehab advice for persons like myself who is still working and active. I have seen Mr Somashekar on several occasions at Hillingdon Hospital since the operation and feel very impressed with his manner and feeling towards patient (my) wellbeing.

He is a fantastic guy aswell as a good doctor. I thought my knee wouldn't be the same again but surgery has given me newfound confidence. I have my full trust in Mr Somashekar he was always very professional and helpful with any questions I had, whilst being genuinely friendly.

“I can’t speak more highly of him" I am writing this to say thank you so much for the wonderful care I received as a patient in both Mount Vernon and Hillingdon hospital. I was in such extreme pain and could hardly walk and desperately needed two hip replacements. Mr.Somashekar couldn't have been more helpful and kept me up to date with everything. He is such a kind, caring and knowledgeable doctor and deserves recognition for his lovely approach to his patients. Mr.Somashekar made sure I didn't have to suffer too long and cannot thank him enough for getting my life back again. I owe him so much. I would also just like to express my thanks and praise to all his team and the clinic staff.

Mr Somashekar has a very warm and good personality he was very caring, did a wonderful job of my total hip replacement, he was very informative took the time to listen to my concerns and very encourageing he gave the impression that nothing was to much trouble and was never in a hurry always giving the time needed

Mr N.Somashekar replaced my left knee joint and my wife's left knee joint on the same day last January, both operations have been successful and we are very grateful to him for his skill and his excellent bedside manner, he has followed our progress with interest and kindly advice. This caring attitude was much appreciated prior to the operations when he helped to allay the fears we were going through. We are pleased to give our favourable comments to a great man. Just for the record my wife and I have an average age of 86 years.

This is a truly amazing gentleman! My husband has had very successful surgery with this wonderful man previously and is undergoing a second currently. He has worked absolute magic in both his operations and his pre/post care. Always with a great sense of humour & exceptional bedside manner. Has gone out of his way to accommodate surgery dates due to our family commitments.

Thank you Mr Somashekar, thank you.

Dr did a great job on my knee operation.

Very professional service with great results.... Mr Somashekar Offered a very personal and pleasant experience for a not so pleasant procedure. I required Hamstring ACL reconstruction. I was advised and updated throughout the process, any queries I had were answered without issue. The operation was exactly as described. Results to date are great at 15weeks post op. Follow up appointments was very informative and recovery advise appears to have achieved the results I was hoping for. Mr Somashekar also took the time to pop in and see myself and other patients post op in the Physio department to note the progress. All in all an A+ service for a very important procedure to me in order to continue with my active lifestyle. I would recommend Mr Somashekar highly to any future patients.

I received excellent advice pre-operative information and my operation was successful with excellent outcome. Mr Somashekar is very personable and professional. He has a relaxing manner and gave confidence to me as his patient. I would definitely recommend him if asked.

8yrs after my ACL was repaired I tore it again; and although the NHS unfortunately let me down with appointment timing and an initial consultation and attempted diagnoses from a hip specialist, once I had my first appointment with Mr Somashekar he put everything right. Hes very knowledgeable, great bed side manner, and I felt really well looked after. He is a great asset to the NHS. Even after the surgery he has maintained great after care, and has managed to see me twice in 6 weeks due to a few set backs. He has a great positive outlook and always has a smile on his face. IF I happened to have any further knee trouble, I would pay private to see Mr Somashekar.

I tore my lateral meniscus, and Mr Somarshekar performed surgery after meeting with me and I couldn't have asked for a better surgeon and person to deal with me. knows exactly what he's doing and is such a respectable man, and actually listens too!

Very kind Dr who have me good advice and dealt with me in a very nice and polite manner.


I had my first consultation with Mr Somashekar last year, and I found him to be very professional, and was very clear on diagnosing my problem, along with answering all my questions/concerns in a very clear manner. I have since received my hip replacement, of which was carried out by Mr Somashekar and I have received a post operative appointment, of which once again I found Mr Somashekar answered all my questions in a very caring and clear manner. Absolutely 100% care received from Mr Somashekar, before and after my operation.

Mr Somashekar was extremely pleasant and was very helpful in determining and treating my injury. He was more than happy to answer any questions I had regarding the treatment, its side effects and of course if the condition was left untreated. From the outset he wanted surgery to be the last resort but unfortunately due to the nature of my condition it was the only long term solution and the surgery was carried out successfully. In fact post surgery I had to see him about the wound and he made time for me on the same day and addressed my concerned straight away. I was really happy with the care and out interactions.

I have had my ACL reconstructed following a sports injury. Given my past experience with the surgeons, I have had to undergo arthroscopy 3 times over a period of 6 years!! I was fortunate that my case was picked up by Mr. Somasekhar. He had absolute patience to listen and understand my discomfort and also advised me on the next course of action. There is a saying "3rd time lucky" and I must say Mr. Somasekhar was that luck I have had with my knee. I have not felt this well after a procedure right from day 1. I was surprised that I did not need to take any pain killers post op. I was mobile from day1 and my physiotherapists at Mount Vernon says I will be fully fit to get back to my sports in few weeks! Thanks ever so much Mr. Somashekhar and I am grateful to you for your patience and time in my case. We need more people like you. I completely recommend Mr. Somashekar to whoever needs treatment and advise with their knee.

Mr Somashekar saw my mother for a consultation regarding pain in her hip. My mother was very nervous regarding the consultation, however, Mr Somashekar was very understanding of my mother's nerves and pain that she was experiencing, and made her feel extremely at ease during the appointment, he was also very informative with any questions that he was asked. Along with reassuring my mother of any worries that she was experiencing regarding her future if an operation was to go ahead. My mother has received her operation and is now on the road to full recovery, and was extremely happy with the care and dedication that she has received from Mr Somashekar.

Mr Somashekar is a very caring, thoughtful brilliant surgeon , my hip operation was excellent. he listens to you and answers any questions that are worrying you.

Mr Somashekar recently reconstructed my ACL. I sustained the initial injury 2 years ago and previous doctors I had seen had not taken my injury seriously and kept delaying doing anything about it. As soon as I saw Mr Somashekar, he shook my hand, listened to me, understood my frustration and booked me in for my op within 6 weeks! On the day of my op, Mr Somashekar greeted me, reassured me and explained the whole process. After the op he also came to check how I was doing and explained what would happen next. I then saw Mr Somashekar 10 days later for a follow up and once again he was fantastic. When I went to my outpatient physiotherapy, Mr Somashekar had already been round to them to make sure they took care of me and has since continuously been asking how I am. I would highly recommend Mr Somashekar to anyone! He is an outstanding orthopaedic surgeon and knows exactly what he is talking about and will treat you with the best possible care!

Mr. Somashekar replaced my knee last year and his care from the first appointment to my discharge from hospital was exceptional. Nothing is too much trouble for this man and he always takes time to listen to what you are saying. My replaced knee is working very well and I do not have any problems with it at all. I saw him again today as I now have to have my other knee replaced and I have great faith in his abilities. I would recommend Mr. Somashekar to anyone about to have a knee replacement. His post-op advice is spot on, the more you work with your knee the better it will be.

I was refererred to Mr Somashekar for what was thought to be a knee problem. Mr Somashekar immediately suspected that it was my hip causing the problem and his diagnosis was absolutely correct. At 45 years of age, it was a shock that my left hip had to be replaced. Mr Somashekar explained to me what was required and prepared me over a period of time for the operation, allowing me to make the decision. The operation was successful and life changing. I can now ride my bike, cross train and walk again. Before the operation, I was using a stick, in lots of pain and could only walk for a few meters. Mr Somashekar is still checking up on my recovery. I would sincerely thank him for giving me back my quality of life. Mr Somashekar is obviously a specialist in his field, he is also very personable and happy to listen and give advice. The care that I received from Mr Somashekar and his team at Mount Vernon Hospital was second to none.

Mr Naresh Somashekar has performed previous knee surgery for me and was very pleased with the results, so was very happy to discover he was the surgeon to perform my next op. Apart from being an excellent surgeon i find him to be simply a nice guy.

Mr Somashekar did my right hip replacement at Mount Vernon after my consultant called in sick. He was very professional but kind & explained what he was going to do. The treatment was faultless & I am now in excellent health thanks to Mr Somashekar. So thank you very much & if I ever need my left hip replacing then Mr Somashekar will be the consultant I will go to.

Dr Somashekar was my consultant during my pain and helped me to walk again I now have a new lease of life thanks to him. He performed my first operation on the 27th of November 2015 and the second one on the 3rd of June 2016 I am now completely pain free. He explained everything to me. After a few hours of my operation he came to see if I was ok and how I was feeling making sure I was ok which was very nice. Once again I thank him for my new life.

Fantastic is the only way to describe the care and attention I received at the hands of Mr Somashekar,his team and the nurses in Trinity ward.I was walking the next day after my op and home a couple of days after that.My scar is about 8 inches long on my buttock and hardly notices.Anyone worried about having this op needn't worry its the best thing and it lets you get on with your life pain free.

Mr. Somashekar seemed knowledgeable about my diagnosis and what he would do about it. He was friendly, positive, and answered any questions I had. Any follow-ups/reviews I had after the operation were timely and again he was very friendly and positive. I'm not sure he could have done much more because I felt happy about the operation and didn't need to question or query him too much, only asking queries to establish whether my healing was going to a normally expected plan; it was. So basically things went along the "does what it says on the tin" path.

So very pleased.

I had a consultation today with Mr. Naresh Somashekar regarding a knee replacement.The results of my x-rays and MRI scan were explained in detail. All my questions were answered in a friendly and professional way and not rushed. I have every faith in him for my operation.

I received great care. Mr Somashekar listens, and explains the treatment options very clearly. Post op care and follow up was excellent.

Six month ago, I had a compartmental knee surgery carried out by Mr N Somashekar. I couldn't be more happy with the outcome! I feel 20 years younger thanks to the surgery. Prior, during and after the surgery, I was kept informed of what I was going to have done, or what has been done. The after care was excellent by all the medical team involved. At long last I am pain free and able to have an enjoyable life again.

Thank you to everyone.

Once again thank you so much for you and your team. All the best to you and your family.

I would like to thank you and your team for taking such good care of me. I never doubted for one moment that I was in the best hands.

My best wishes to you

Just once again to thank you and your team for all you did for me. Getting on quite well and lovely to be home.

Wishing you every success in the future.

DEAR MR SOMASHEKAR AND HIS DEDICATED TEAM THANK YOU so very much - for my successful hip surgery and I am so grateful to yourself and the team.

i would like to take this opportunity to say a very sincere thank you for the surgery on my left femur. What i appreciate most of all was your frequent visits and your way of dealing with me, being always ready to answer my questions and encouraging me along. I am doing quite well, though I have not been outdoors since my discharge. But I am moving along indoors with no pain.

Thank you once more

As l am due to have an operation at Hillingdon this month, I realised that I had not written to you previously with regard to a Total Hip Replacement that I had. I found that the staff, both medical and administrative, was most helpful and cheerful at a time when you need all the help you can get. But the "Star of the Show" for me and my wife was Mr Somashekar. He is such a kind caring gentleman and a first class surgeon and did all that was possible for my admittance. How he managed to make sure that my legs were then same length, i do not know, given that my right femur was 2inches shorter than the left due to the loss of the crown. was so impressed by the treatment that l received, that I asked Mr Somashekar if he could refer me to one of his colleagues for a collapsed foot that I have. This he did without fail, hence my admittance this month with great confidence, under Mr Zaw. It's such a pleasure to find an Hospital such as yours exists.

i met Mr Somshekar, the surgeon who was to perform my hip replacement operation in clinic. I found him to be very amiable, efficient and informative. He performed the procedure four days later, and from the moment I came round from the operation, there was no pain at all. A fantastic feeling after a year of suffering. The physiotherapist got me up the following day and I managed really well with elbow crutches. All six of us in the ward agreed that the care and attention we received was second to none. All the staff in Trinity Ward were attentive, efficient and every caring. I saw Mr Somashekar for a follow up appointment and again found him to be very informative and he showed me x rays before and after the operation, and also was able to show me on the computer screen how it was fitted. Such an excellent service. A big thank you to Mount Vernon Hospital and all the staff involved in my journey back to a panfry lifestyle.

My mother wishes to thank you and your team for your care and attention during her stay in hospital - she's making progress and hoping to be back to normal KH

Dear Mr Somashekar and the staff in Theatres, Thank you very much for the great treatment and care I received during my operation. You were all a credit to your profession.

Many thanks

My husband has been undergoing treatment at Hillingdon Hospital for a ruptured Quads muscle which he had nearly a year ago with Mr Somashekar taking care of him. This has included two surgeries and continued follow up care. We would like to commend Mr Somashekar for his care and attention to my husband during this period. He has always been extremely courteous in his manner, and has always been explained exactly what is happening in language that we can understand.

Mr and Mrs AC

To Mr Somshekar and his team for a job well done.

Sincere wishes, JH and D

I wanted to thank you for your brilliant surgery; also your first-rate team including the anaesthetist. I shall never cease to be grateful for your superb skills, for the lucidity for your communication, and for the encouragement of your after-care.

With sincere thanks.

I wanted to express my appreciation of my 10 day stay in Kennedy Ward. It was a thoroughly good experience. From my brilliant surgeon, Mr Somashekar and his team, to the doctors on the ward, through the physics and OT, to the nursing staff at every level, nobody fell below a standard of perfection. Many names bubble up of both day and night staff, but it would be invidious to mention anyone, because it would be invidious to leave anybody out: they were all uniformly good. I am 85 years old. Nobody bullied, nobody patronised. Even hard-pressed themselves, they gave me time, space, autonomy and respect.

Mrs R

Mr Somashekar, Thanks so much for all your care, it's very much appreciated.

I came into Hillingdon Hospital with a broken elbow. The care I got was so wonderful I have not yet stopped praising the hospital. The staff on the ward was excellent to me, they treated me like a princess. Mr somashekar operated me and put a plate to keep my elbow together because it was so smashed up. He was so nice and treated me so lovely. I did do all the exercises i was told to do, but I still had lots of pain. I went back to see Mr Somashekar who was so good to me, I think he does his work from his heart. He then decided to take the plate out. On the day of surgery, I told him I was very nervous, and he told me there was nothing to worry about, and the manner in which he spoke to me put me right at ease. The operation went very well and he came to see me before I was discharged and spoke to me for a few minutes his bedside manner is so soothing. I went to see him in the clinic to have my bandages off, and the way he spoke to me I told him you treat your patients from your heart. He then said this is what he was trained to do. Hillingdon Hospital should be so proud to have Mr Somshekar on their team what a wonderful person. I wish everyone the best in Hillingdon Hospital.

Mrs J

I am writing to say "thank you" to the staff at Hillingdon Hospital for all the care and attention they have given me while i was having treatment and an operation for a severed tendon in my right knee. Special mention to Mr Somashekar, the Surgeon and his team. The operation took place three weeks after my first appointment with hims and his professionalism and his personal attention to me was first encouraging. The subsequent appointments at the Hospital as an outpatient were also good experiences. The appointments were on time. The physic team at the Hospital were very supportive, obviously still in contact with Mr Somashekar regarding my treatment and progress, and I also saw him once - just passing through! I don't like being under medical care, but I must say it has been a good experience for me. There is so much criticism of the NHS, hospitals and staff- my experience has been of excellent care and attention- thanks to all concerned.

Keep up the good work. Ps. I even enjoyed the food!

My heartfelt thanks to you and your team for my new, painfree lease of life. In the Friday three weeks after the second hip replacement, the pain of the wound had ceased and I was free of pain. Oh joy of joys. I am in a state & find it hard to explain without emotion.

Thank you for your medical care, my knee is holding its own and so far no heat and mobilising as much as I can. I now have hydrotherapy once a week and am enjoying that. i hope in the long term it helps my knee.

Thank you again for you medical care and support JF

I wanted to express my highest praise for the surgical skills of Mr Naresh Somshekar (orthopaedic consultant). My wife, had a recent hip revision which also involved corrective surgery of leg length, required as a result of previous hip surgery. My thanks, of course, go to all members of his team, but particularly to Mr Somashekar who exhibits a confidence that can only be reassuring to the patient and a confidence that is reflected in the results of his work.

With much appreciation, BB

Dear Dr somashekar, Dr Alsey, Simon and Priya, thank you for all that you have done for me.

Dear Naresh, Thank you for all your care & kindness. more than thank you for making time to talk to me. Your words of inspiration will be remembered in my journey ahead.

Thank you

Dear Naresh, It was nice to know that you come from the same side of the World - lovely Bangalore. Thank you very much for your personal attention and care during my recent admissions.

Dr S.A. Q Wishing you all the very best in your personal & professional life

Many thanks for painfree surgery.

KS family

Mr Somashekar, CONSTANT ORTHAPADIC SURGEON, has operated my LEFT HIP in June 2014 in HILLINGDON HOSPITAL. THE operation was a great success. My HIP was rehabilated within no time, and I did not experienced any pain. In May 2015, he operated my TOTAL LEFT KNEE OPERATION which was also very successful. I must appreciate his work, and I am thankful to him for these operations. I am very happy with my HIP AND KNEE operations. I believe GOD has gifted him MAGICAL HANDS and he performs his profession as a noble, professional SURGEON. God bless him more capability in his profession.


I would just like to thank you all in the Fracture clinic and the Plaster room for the very kind way you treated my husband. With his dementia, it was was difficult for him to understand what was happening and why he had to have a plaster on his arm. Not everyone knows how to treat dementia patients, the way everyone helped both him and I it took a lot of stress away from me.

So thank you all so much

A big thank you to Mr somashekar and all the lovely staff at Hillingdon hospital for the car and are still giving, to Glenn when he broke his leg.

Best wishes and thanks again, Mum and Dad

Dear Mr Somashekar, Thank you for your care and support for my knee operation.

Best wishes Mrs FS

A big thank you to Mr Somashekar and the lovely staff at Hillingdon Hospital for the care you all gave, and are still giving, to Glenn when he broke his leg.

Thanks again, GM + Mum and Dad

Just writing to say a very big "Thank you" for all the care I have received from Hillingdon Hospital, after I broke my left ankle (Medial Malloeus injury) on Monday 18th May 2015. i am 51 years old and have never had an operation in hospital before, so I was very nervous about how things would go. But my fears were laid to rest with the excellent care I received. My ankle seems to be doing well, and the scar is barely visible. it is very scary breaking my ankle and my first thought was will I ever walk normally again. This experience has certainly made me really appreciate the NHS even more than I did before. And I just feel it is show important to show you my appreciation in writing, and to say, once again, thank you to everyone in Hillingdon Hospital who was involved in my care.

Miss JJ

I am a 65 year old mother who on new years eve had a accident was taken under duress to hillingdon hospital not for one minute thinking l had done anything serious to my hip infact i had broken it mr somashekar came to see me new years day to tell me what sort of opperation he was going to do either save my femur bone or do a complete hip replacement. Im pleased to say he managed to save my hip with screws and a plate.at all times being very understanding as i have a long standing condition called depression which can raise its ugly head at anytime especially when i get worried or stressed.he was very understanding at all times not just to me but my husband &daughter.i would recommend him to anybody facing similar surgery.i am writing this while recouperatling at home.its a long road back to full recovery but i am sure i will make it.

Thank you once again pauline hayes.